The pastry chef

Interview with pastry chef

Domenico Maurelli

“… Be humble and learn to listen to the teachings and advice of the most experienced people, because in this work you never stop learning.”

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Since I was a child, I have been passionate about the art of pastry. The dream of working as a pastry chef came true in my adolescence.  
It makes me smile at the memory of my dear teacher: the old “Mimmo di Castellammare” pioneer of the delicacies that have made a famous Pompeian pastry shop famous. Thanks to his experience, I learned the basics of working in a pastry shop and the preparation of traditional Neapolitan pastry products (wheat pastiera, sfogliatella, etc.).
Dedication and love for one’s work, as well as sacrifice. In fact, the job of pastry chef requires very difficult habits, such as working outside hours for the office and above all working (more) on holidays. Furthermore, precision and patience (especially in the decoration phase) are qualities that can make the difference in this area.
The difficulties, as I said before, lie in the habits that this work entails, but also in learning the countless techniques that make this activity beautiful but also complicated.
It was a challenge I had at the age of 15: I put salt instead of sugar in the dough for the donuts, in addition to the small dose of salt itself that the recipe required. The thing that amused me so much in those days was seeing the face people had after taking a bite of the product.
The change came from the moment when, with Arca, I had to carry out both the job of pastry chef and that of an entrepreneur (unknown to me at the time). This has inevitably led to an increase in responsibilities and commitments.
The “Chocosoft ”, the result of numerous organoleptic and sensorial analyzes carried out with the collaboration of the Department of Food Sciences of the Federico II University of Naples.  
Being a sweet tooth, I can’t do without a little dessert at dinner.
I believe that together with the French one, Italian pastry is the most important in the world. I also love the fact that for every Italian region there is at least one local pastry product, and this makes our country even more interesting and varied from a culinary point of view.
First of all, the idea of a new product arises from the need for demand which can be deduced from the various market research. After that we try to reach the highest possible quality level through a careful choice of raw materials to be used. Therefore, only after having carried out enough tests on the product, is it placed on the market.
Be humble and learn to listen to the teachings and advice of the most experienced people, as in this work you never stop learning.  
Attachment to work, sacrifice and humility.